Dr Geert Luyckx

Dr Geert Luyckx

Managing Associate Com&Sens


Geert Luyckx received his PhD in engineering in 2009, in using embedded fibre optic sensors in composite materials. In 2012 Dr Luyckx co-founded the company Com&Sens together with Dr Voet. With the company, they have already monitored numerous structures using fibre optics.

Getting to know Geert

What can participants expect to take away from your presentation?

‘Participants will get an insight into how sensors can be integrated into composite structures, and how these sensors can help understand the behaviour of these structures under test (in real conditions). They will learn about the advantages of using optical fibre sensors for integrity monitoring’.

Looking at the 2019 CompIC programme, aside from your own, who’s presentation are you looking forward to?

‘I am looking forward to Professor Meier’s presentation. I have previously had the opportunity to see him present at SAMPE Europe!’

What excites you about the future of the use of Composite Materials in the Construction Industry?

‘Although many development steps need to be taken to deal with or roll out the ‘cradle to cradle’ principle, for sustainability reasons composite materials are the way forward. The fail behaviour is also completely different to classic construction materials such as steel or aluminium. They are more damage tolerant and by using the right monitoring technique, these materials can even be optimized in design with respect to material use and mechanical performance’.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

‘I like to spend time with my children, cycling and throwing snowballs!’

Cats or Dogs?

Neither. Horses…

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