Francois Geuskens

Francois Geuskens


Curve Works

Fibre reinforced plastic materials are a great choice for achieving freedom of design as they can be moulded easily into complicated shapes more easily than other materials. Add to this that the structure can be optimised for any loading given any shape and it is clear why these materials are finding more application in construction.

As environmental regulations become stricter in all industries, it is vitally important to ensure that we are smarter about how we use and manufacture with composites to ensure that architects will choose them, and the construction market will continue using them, in the long term.

This presentation will explain our approach to offering composite solutions for the architect that targets a lower carbon footprint in both the materials and manufacturing process without compromising on design. We will also show that done well, we can achieve composite structures in a responsible way.

Speaker sessions:

Manufacturing of Composite Facades: A Responsible Approach at 11:00 on 11th April 2019